So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 – Revealed

Mood: WTF???

Another taped show, which meant I was able to watch a 75 minute show in 40 minutes with a couple of minutes to spare before All Saints started.

I was surprised to learn which dancers were dancing for their lives on Monday night. If I didn’t know already, I would have picked 2 out of the 3 couples, giving me another week with a 66.6% accuracy rating. In any case, I was surprised by one of the couples chosen, but I’ll get to that later.

The show opened with a terrific group performance – totally loved it! The group danced like they had known each other forever – everyone seemed to be in time with each other and there was a terrific lift in the centre of the stage at the back of the group towards the end of the routine. So totally fantastic! I was quite surprised to learn that Matt Lee was the choreographer – ok, so I might think his hats are silly, but Matt is definitely growing on me.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte was looking more relaxed now. But her hair tonight left a lot to be desired – the straight hair made her look flat and tired. Matt Lee was wearing another silly hat – it’s a cap, so I’ve now worked out that he wears Fedora hats on Sunday nights and caps on Monday nights. I wonder what or who VZ is?! And I loved Bonnie and Jason’s shirts!

The first 3 couples to be called onto the stage were Demi + Jack, Camilla + Sermsah and Kassy + Graeme. In my opinion, there was definitely no way Demi + Jack would be in the Bottom 3, and the voting public agreed – Demi + Jack were safe for another week. After the usual suspense, Kassy + Graeme were announced as the dancers needing to dance for their lives. Camilla + Sermsah looked very relieved, while Kassy + Graeme seemed quite shocked.

The next 3 couples were Stephanie + Marko, Jemma + Rhys and Henry + Vanessa. Surprisingly, the results were safe, safe and safe! All 3 couples were through to next week.

The last 3 couples were Kate + Hilton, Laura + Anthony and Rhiannon + JD. Kate + Hilton were announced immediately as couple #2 in the Bottom 3. They looked like they were expecting those results, and went to prepare straight away. One more couple to be announced, and the remaining 4 dancers all looked nervous. When Natalie announced Rhiannon + JD would dance for their lives, Rhiannon looked like she vomited a little in her mouth.

Out of the 3 couples, I would definitely have picked Kassy + Graeme and Rhiannon + JD, but I would also have picked Stephanie + Marko. Instead, the public picked Kate + Hilton. Pooh. I like Hilton.

So I found out tonight that each dancer has 45 seconds to dance for their lives, and they all looked lacklustre (with the exception of Hilton). Maybe they were all tired – I don’t know – I wasn’t really that impressed.

Kassy shook her booty, but that was about it – she didn’t do much more than shook her booty for 45 seconds. Graeme was about the most focused I’d see him in the competition. Kate’s routine was quite beautiful – I thought it was better than last week’s effort which seemed manic compared to this week. Hilton was gorgeous – I felt him almost begging to stay in the competition through his routine. Rhiannon’s routine was pretty laid back compared to Kassy and Kate. JD’s routine was also very laid back and not inspiring.

The judges went away to deliberate their decision and Guy Sebastian performed with the Blues Brothers Band. The Fast Forward button reigned supreme over this period.

Jason again did the talking. He mentioned that the 3 girls up for elimination were 3 of the best dancers in the competition. Rhiannon was announced safe, leaving Kate and Kassy. I was rooting for Kassy to stay, and then Jason said the decision to eliminate was based on the solo performance only – uh oh – bye bye Kassy. Kassy took the news well and didn’t blubber – she graciously thanked everyone and managed to keep those two fat tears from rolling down her face. While Kassy was saying her thanks, the camera panned to Jason and Bonnie. Jason looked like he was going to be sick and Bonnie looked like she was about to burst into tears. Not good. Not good at all.

Next came the boys. Jason immediately said that the boys’ elimination decision was not unanimous – in fact, neither of the decisions were unanimous. Jason stated that the decision for the boys was based on the journey so far and what potentially lay ahead for the remaining dancers. Graeme was announced safe, which left Hilton and JD. Please, please, please, say JD is going home.

Jason’s voice quavered as he announced Hilton was going home. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I felt a little bit sick and very sad to see Hilton go. Not happy Jan.

With Kate safe for another week, she moves on to her third dancing partner since making the Top 20 – this time paired with Graeme. I’m betting she will be in the Bottom 3 again, and Graeme needs to start packing because Kate appears to be the kiss of death.


4 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 – Revealed

  1. I quite like the Kate-Curse 😉 Graham is one of the weakest males in the comp, so the judges will get rid of him when they can (Hilton wasnt working very hard, the judges had already said in interviews he needed to pull up his socks if he expected to stay, yes he was good, but he wasnt great and he certainly wasnt working hard enough to stay).I really want Stephanie to go, and Laura – Stephanie cause she irritates me, and Laura cause she is out of her league.I am currently predicting a Rhys, Jack, Demi, Camilla top 4.And i think the extra special guest judge they are touting for this week is Mary the screachy judge from the US- she is being interviewed on the 9am show on channel 10 tomorrow morning! Ugg! (I was hoping for Nigel, or Wade Robson – but i think IF they get Wade they will wave him up for later in the series).

  2. Poor Kate – she must feel so hated on!!!  She’s not a bad dancer – problem with Kate appears to be that she doesn’t have that WOW personality to go with her dancing.  She’s a bit like a piece of limp lettuce compared to the other girls. 
    In fact, every other girl, except for maybe Stephanie, outshines Kate in the personality stakes.  Everyone has something (Demi makes me giggle, Rhiannon the little spitfire, Laura with her dimples that car dealers love, Vanessa with the annoying voice, Camilla with her massive eyes matching her massive smile, even Jemma has blossomed now with Rhys as her partner), and poor Kate doesn’t seem to have anything else but her dancing.
    I think the public is voting for Stephanie because Marko is a cutie – she’s quite beige like Kate – I want to see her personality a bit more.
    You have me soooo addicted to this silly show!!! ;-p

  3. They didnt show enough of Kate in the leadups i think – that would have given people a chance to create a relationship with her. Eventually they will get rid of Laura and put her with Anthony and then the world will be good ;)Marko does nothing for me as a dancer, and i have seen him live in other things and it never wows me. The Perth community is apparently right behind him, and like in Eurovision, Perth votes for their own 😉

  4. I just discovered, thanks to a friend, i have tickets to see the top 14 being filmed!!! 😀 😀 😀 How excitment! Not fair though, this is the second time she has won tickets, and i have missed out every single week!!!

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