So You Think You Can Dance: 24-25/02/2008

Mood: Impatient

I have not yet had time to watch SYTYCD’s Top 18 Performance and the subsequent elimination – I taped the show on Sunday and Monday nights and chose to watch other programs instead. I just wish I was home right now so I could tuck into some dance moves!!!

I’m quite excited to see what happened this week, as I did manage to catch brief glimpses of the show on both nights. Here’s what I saw that is making me fidget like I have ants in my pants:

* Sunday night – Demi & Jack pulling "Samba" out of the hat – should be interesting to see how they go with a dance routine that neither are familiar with.

* Monday night – Hilton & JD waiting to be told who was going home, and Jason Coleman saying that neither of the decisions (to send a boy and a girl home) were unanimous and there were heated discussions before the final decisions were made.

NOOOOOO!!! Why is Hilton in the Bottom 3 again???

And no spoilers, please!!! I’ve thus far managed to avoid all the blogs that I’ve bookmarked for SYTYCD, and I hope to avoid any further news stories until I get a chance to watch the episodes.

Bring on 5pm – I’m going to race home and get that video tape cranking!


3 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: 24-25/02/2008

  1. As long as you dont follow any links in mine, i dont think there are any spoilers in my blog (or comments in my blog).

  2. Have you seen the new module on my blog???  On the main page, look to the box on the left under my Profile box. 🙂

  3. Hehehe!
    And fabulously, you have linked to the crowded house SMH blog, whichs name i forgot and couldnt find today!

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