So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 – Revealed

Mood: Still Excited

I watched So You Think You Can Dance again tonight, keen to see who will be the first of the contestants to be eliminated.

My predictions for the bottom 3 couples yielded an accuracy rating of 66.6% – I got 2 out of 3, which shows that non-dancing plebs like me seem to know what they like without getting into the nitty gritty of dance techniques. The only couple that I didn’t pick was Courtney + Hilton, and I was genuinely surprised to see them in the bottom 3. Seems more people liked the Jive pair Stephanie + Marko than I thought.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte was still quite nervous on stage. I just want to hand her a very large vodka and tell her to relax a bit – at times, she looked like she was about to keel over from stage fright or run off the stage to vommy a little. At least she had good hair tonight.

And I want to see Matt Lee without a hat at some point. Why does he insist on wearing silly hats? Does he have a very bad receding hairline that he doesn’t want the Australian public to see?

Anyway, on with the dancers.

The first 3 to be called onto the stage were Rhiannon + JD, Courtney + Hilton, and Camilla + Sermsah. After recapping their routines from Sunday night, Rhiannon + JD were told they were safe and through to the next round. My gut feeling at that point was Courtney + Hilton would be the first couple announced in the bottom 3, and I was right.

Next up, 4 couples were called onto the stage – Kassy + Graeme, Vanessa + Henry, Stephanie + Marko, and Jemma + Rhys. I didn’t know what to think at this point – 2 of my predictions were in this lot, and surely Natalie wouldn’t announce the remaining bottom 3 couples from the same batch, right? I was right again. Kassy + Graeme and Jemma + Rhys were awarded passes into the next round, leaving 4 very nervous dancers on stage. Then the announcement – Vanessa + Henry were in the bottom 3.

Stephanie + Marko looked visibly relieved – I would be too if I had to dress like they did on Sunday night and dance that atrocious routine. Meanwhile, Henry looked very disappointed and Vanessa looked like she was about to cry – at this point, I muted the TV as I didn’t want to listen to that stupid little girl voice – I just knew it was going to be another 3 octaves higher than it has been as she seemed stressed out for having to Dance For Her Life.

The remaining 3 couples awaited their fate. Laura + Anthony, Demi + Jack, and Kate + Khaly stood on stage and watched their recaps, and without further ado, Natalie announced that Kate + Khaly were the final contestants to make the bottom 3. Khaly looked like he was expecting the announcement, as did Kate.

Each of the dancers in the bottom 3 pairs were then given 30 seconds or thereabouts to show their wares in a solo performance of their own choreography to their own choice of music. At the end of the 6 performances, the judges would make their decision as to who would be eliminated.

Courtney kicked off the solo performances with a routine that, in her own words, was "scattered" – and yes, it felt scattered. Hilton’s routine was pretty awesome – there was no way he was going home tonight. Vanessa gave a good performance with lots of extensions and showed off her flexibility. Henry’s ballroom routine was frenetic – his hips and feet were moving so fast, it made him look like a wind up toy in frantic motion as you let it go after you wind it to the tautest possible point. Kate really did dance for her life – her routine was very high energy with lots of hair flicking. Khaly was just cheeky and punched out some really fantastic and strong b-boy moves.

At this point, I went and sorted my laundry and missed The Veronicas – on purpose. By the time I got my laundry sorted, the judges were back and ready to deliver their verdict.

I for one am glad that Jason did the talking. He called the girls up first and immediately told Kate she was through to the Top 18. Jason then said the decision as to who was leaving the competition was a unanimous one and that the dancer who has shown more growth through the journey was the one they had chosen to stay. Jason spoke to Courtney and Vanessa separately, and then announced the dancer leaving was Courtney – she knew it – it was well and truly written all over her face. And as expected, there were tears – but not before she fired up at Jason for saying her dance specialty was one form of Jazz when it was another form of Jazz. Jason’s retort was "Jazz is Jazz is Jazz and you didn’t get it right on the night" and wished her luck with her future.

The boys were next, and Hilton was immediately through to the Top 18. I would have screamed at Jason if he had put Henry through first. So it was down to Henry and Khaly and no surprises there – Khaly was eliminated. He seemed like he was expecting it as well, and took the decision with grace and humility.

Considering Courtney and Khaly were eliminated tonight, I am going to assume that Kate and Hilton pair up for the Top 18 performances. I think they would make a formidable couple and hope they get a good routine to show off their skills.

Looking forward to Sunday night and seeing more dancing!


5 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18 – Revealed

  1.  "Jason\’s retort was "Jazz is Jazz is Jazz and you didn\’t get it right on the night""   – So so do not agree with this statement! Yes the various jazz styles have similarities (in that they are all based in Jazz technique), but Lyrical Jazz is a world away from the JFH that is Courtney\’s main style. I certainly dont think you should ever argue with a judge.
    I need to youtube the solos and see if they are up yet, cause i dont care about the rest of the show, i want to see those.
    And yes, Kate and Hilton are now a couple, i am not so sure about that combo, but according to the dancemafia i am wrong and they will be a power couple.

    Oh and Mary Riley at TV Week does a show recap blog which many of us are enjoying, and i am sure you will too!

  3. I agree re: arguing with a judge – Courtney really should not have said anything but I can also understand why she made her point – she was pissed off that Jason said her specialty was one thing but it was really another thing, so she had every reason to fire up – but I would have left it till after the show was done and they were off camera.
    I\’ll be sure to bookmark that blog! 🙂

  4. I love the Mary Riley blogs! 😀 Her "elimination show" recap is now up.
    Hey, i know it will be a late night, but i am doing the 8:30 Tap class at SDC tonight, wanna join me?

  5. LOVE the blog!!! It\’s given me new reading material at work for when I\’m not busy, which is, like, EVERY DAY!
    Thanks for the invite but no can on the tap class tonight – I\’m really off right now – chemically imbalanced in almost every way – I don\’t think I should do any group activities that may harm others – another time though! 🙂

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