Holiday Blog: 12/09/2007, Day 6 – Niagara Falls, Canada

Mood: Tourist-y

Niagara Falls Day.

We set off for Niagara Falls at around 10am – a party of 9 in a convoy of 2 cars, with Rose driving one and Uncle Joseph driving his new Buick. The journey took around 2 hours, so we arrived at the Falls just in time for lunch.

The group descended on the Casino buffet as soon as we arrived. I declined the invitation as my stomach was still a little queasy from my mild carsickness, so I chose to walk around the grounds for a little while instead.

After lunch, the group split into two for the afternoon activities – Dai Goo Mo, Uncle Joseph and Nora chose to stay in the Casino for a little punt, and the rest of us headed down to the Falls. To say the least, the magnificent water fall was breathtaking – I was truly amazed by the sight of the water crashing over the rim and onto the rocks below.

The Falls group soon became two, as Dad, Mum and Thomas stayed on the main road (Niagara Parkway / River Road) while Auntie Irma, Rose and I strolled down to buy tickets to ride the Maid of the Mist. Along the way, we continued to admire the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls from various angles.

With Rose as our personal tour guide, we made our way to the Maid of the Mist in good time. Rose had ridden the Maid several times and chose to skip another ride on the boat. Auntie Irma was more than happy to accompany me for the ride, as it had been a long time since she had been up close and personal to the Falls. Down to the dock we went, where we were handed some very fetching blue raincoats, before we boarded the boat for our close up view of the Falls.

As we headed to the American Falls, we were treated to a fantastic view of the Rainbow Bridge which spans the Niagara River and connects Canada and USA. See my fantastic self portrait skills as I use my head as the connecting point between the two countries.

The boat rode past the American Falls first. The sheer volume of water cascading down the Falls is nothing short of amazing. I took plenty of photos while I could before the spray of the mist from the rocks gave us a good drenching.

The Maid continued her way to the Horseshoe Falls. Mesmerizing in its magnificence, the powerful falls captured the imagination and attention of everyone on board as the waters crashed down onto the rocks below. The Maid took us close enough to drench us a 2nd time – well worth it.

All too soon, the ride came to an end and Auntie Irma and I went to find Rose to continue our tour along Niagara Parkway. We walked to the back of the Horseshoe Falls where the Niagara River starts to race towards the rim to allow me to take pictures of "the calm before the falls".

Almost 100 photos later (40 of which I have uploaded), we went back to the Casino to find the others. Lady Luck was by all the punters’ sides as everyone who placed a bet came away a winner. Brilliant way to end a brilliant day.

I slept for most of the way back to Markham, where another banquet awaited. Another night, another extravagant meal, and my stomach given yet another workout. All too soon, our time in Toronto came to an end. We were due to leave Toronto in the early hours of the following day, so we bade farewell to the Chan uncles and aunties and retired for the evening. Next up: Sin City, where my helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon awaited.


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