Holiday Blog: 09/09/2007, Day 3 – Hong Kong

Mood: Full of Food!

Another breakfast of congee and fried dough sticks and I was ready to face another day in Hong Kong. What a life – sleep, eat, shop, eat, nap, eat, rinse and repeat. Love it!

After breakfast, I made my decision to buy my new digital camera from Broadway, one of the largest camera retailers in Hong Kong. As I was asking the salesman to show me all the different functions on my intended purchase (Canon IXUS 950IS), another salesman was trying to flog a different camera to me: a 12 megapixel Olympus FE300 with just about every conceivable function built into a very slim point and shoot digital camera.

For a split second, I was tempted to go with the Olympus. I had done a great deal of homework on the Canon, and knew nothing about the Olympus camera, nor anything about the brand itself. The 12 megapixel and Smile Detect function were very attractive, and the Olympus was only HK$100 more than the Canon. But then, I remembered my new friend Rich’s words: "Megapickles are a gimmick. You don’t need any more than 8. Actually you don’t really need any more than 5." So I went with what I knew and chose the Canon.

Dad, on the other hand, very impulsively bought the Olympus, much to Mum’s dismay. The rest of my day was spent teaching a man who refuses to read an instruction manual how to use a camera that was quite possibly far too advanced for him.

Amazingly, what felt like 15 minutes of transactions at Broadway turned out to be 90 minutes of to-ing and fro-ing. By the time we walked away with our bags of goodies (cameras + a truckload of freebies), it was time to head to the restaurant to meet Auntie Josie, Carolyn & JJ for lunch.

JJ had recently successfully passed his exam to become an orthopaedic surgeon, so we had cause to celebrate. JJ looked a little sheepish and humble when I congratulated him on his results. He really has matured into a fine young man.

Carolyn, on the other hand, looked a little world weary. She is in Strategic HR and the new job was taking its toll on her. Carolyn said that the stress of her job has made her ill again, to the point where her core temperature is so high that blisters were appearing on her skin and her face.

I was a bit worried about her and wondered if the job was worth her health. Carolyn isn’t sure if she will stay with the job for long, but for now, she would grin and bear it. I hope things settle down for her soon.

Dinner arrangements for that evening were made to include Uncle Charles, who was returning to Hong Kong after his charity commitments. We were going to a seafood restaurant in Say Kung which JJ had recommended. More food … yum!

After a bit of shoe shopping with Mum and a little nanna nap, Uncle Charles arrived at our hotel to ferry us to the restaurant. Although the interior of the seafood restaurant was nothing to crow about, the food was absolutely delicious. So much seafood!! Every conceivable crustacean was put in front of us – shrimps, prawns, crabs, abalones … the stream of food was endless! Just when I thought we were done, along came another dish, and another, and another.

I was grateful when the food finally stopped arriving that Carolyn suggested her and I go for a walk. I needed to move around to aid the digestion process. We caught up a bit more and made tentative plans to have drinks with all the other cousins when I was back in Hong Kong after my North American adventures.

The food made me sleepy and I looked forward to falling into bed. A long flight to Toronto lay ahead – just as I was getting over my initial jetlag.


3 responses to “Holiday Blog: 09/09/2007, Day 3 – Hong Kong

  1. May i please have a linkie to piccies? If there is one of course 😉

  2. I\’m in the process of picking out the best pics out of my 400 to upload for viewing pleasure – didn\’t get as much done over the long weekend as I had hoped so will try and get the pics up by the end of this weekend.
    They\’re coming – I promise they\’re coming!! 🙂

  3. Yay!
    I kept trying to click on the photos in you blog entrys hoping it would take me somewhere – but it didnt.

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