My Amusing Weekend

Mood: Highly Amused

I have had a trés amusing weekend.

It didn’t start too well. Friday dawned warm and bright and I was looking forward to a cruisy day. My project team leader and the project director were both away on Friday and I had little to nothing to do. After the week that was, with all my good news and all, I was pretty worn out and really could have used a cruisy day.

The cruisy day didn’t happen. Around mid-morning, I picked up the phone to hear my project team leader’s voice, asking for my help to format a couple of documents. I’m a bit of a whiz when it comes to formatting documents, so I didn’t think twice before agreeing to help her. What should have been a 30 minute task took 5 hours.

After restarting my computer for the umpteenth time after the documents I was formatting repeatedly crashed the hard drive, I finally finished the formatting at around 4.30pm, when I decided it was time to down tools for the week. I went off to find the usual suspects for my Friday afternoon beers, only to find the office mostly deserted.

The searched took in the 4 floors of the building over which our company was spread, and finally, I found a few people to drink with. A few cleansing ales later and I headed into the city to have dinner and a few more drinks with Megan S for her birthday.

Dinner was absolutely fantastic – so much food!! I don’t think I’ve eaten that much pork in one sitting, ever. A few more steins of beer later and I readily hit the dance floor. After swearing off Jager Bombs after last week’s mishap, I found myself agreeing to just one Jager Bomb with the birthday girl.

The Jager Bomb must have brought out the best in me, as I seemed to become more confident by the minute. To the point where, after months of not being noticed by any men at all, I was hit on by at least 4 guys before the night was to end.

Of course, I could always put the welcome attention down to the amount of alcohol the boys had had prior to my sidling up to the bar for my drinks.

Saturday morning was easier than last week, with no hangover at all whatsoever. I put it down to remembering to drink water in between the beers.

I went to my hairdresser to get myself de-curled. In January last year, after the demise of a long term relationship, I decided to change my hair. I chose to put my hair through a spiral perm. Nearly 20 months later, the perm was still there, albeit at the ends of my now quite long hair. The man responsible for the perm was also responsible for taking them off the ends of my hair, returning my locks to the straight-ish mane that I was born with.

I was to catch up for a late breakfast with my ex-colleague Marina, who was suppose to call me upon arrival at St Leonards Station. I was getting hungry and was hoping she was early, but alas, I didn’t receive her call until the exact meeting time of 11.30am. Turned out Marina had been wandering around the St Leonards Station complex for 15 minutes, having arrived at 11.15am.

Breakfast was fantastic – it was great to catch up with Marina – the last time we saw each other was at a work function to which I invited her, and we got about 30 seconds of catching up done as everyone wanted to find out what Marina had been up to since leaving the company. We had a moment of amusement when a woman walked past the café where we were having breakfast, around midday, in what can only be described as a joke of an outfit. Too much brightly coloured lycra for public consumption!!

Saturday evening was spent at my friend Megan A’s play. I had arranged to go to Megan’s play twice – with 2 different groups of friends (this week’s punters were Suz and Michelle). Watching the play the second time around, from a different angle, was even more fun. Last week, we managed to get seats on the side of the stage. This week, we were front and centre, and it was even more hilarious.

After the play, I finally got to talk to Megan’s new boyfriend Joe, who was very funny and provided some random musings of his own. I got to meet some of the cast as well, who were all exceptionally cute. Megan was busy flitting between various groups of people all night, so we bade her farewell and Suz and I headed back to the lower north shore to continue our night out.

Like homing pigeons, we found ourselves at the Crows Nest Hotel. It was still early but the bouncers were in fine form. As we tried to stroll into the pub in a nonchalant manner, we were stopped by the two heavies at the door, asking to see our IDs!!! For someone who would officially be allowed to have a mid-life crisis at the end of the year, I was highly amused as I whipped out my Drivers Licence before the check was completed and I was waved into the pub.

For some reason, the heaving crowd at the pub on Saturday night was too much for me to handle, and for Suz as well, so after only one drink, we both ejected ourselves out of the pub for a quiet chat on a bench near the pub. We wandered past the aforementioned bouncer, who seemed a little sad to see us walk away from the pub. He made a comment and it dawned on both Suz and me that he might have been flirting with me. Hehehehe … trés random!! More unexpected attention – must be the remnants of the Jager Bomb from Friday night!

The bouncer was still not done. He chose to make another comment later as we walked past him again to wait for a homeward-bound taxi. That last comment was definitely flirtatious. What amusement!

The attention from the opposite sex has been a welcome change. It’s put a little smile on my face and a giggle in my belly. Here’s hoping the change of tide will last to continue entertaining me.

This week is a short week due to the much dreaded APEC summit in Sydney rendering the CBD about as useless as teats on a bull. Only 4 working days before my holiday … can’t wait to fly out on Friday morning to 2 weeks of fun, family and food!


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