Blood Moon Rising

Mood: In Awe

I witnessed a natural phenomenon tonight. I watched in awe as a total lunar eclipse took place over the skies of Sydney.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, the earth and the moon line up. The earth’s shadow crosses the moon and completely covers the moon, turning it a bronze and reddish hue before the moon becomes red. These amazing sights will not be seen again until December 2011.

It was absolutely amazing to see the moon changing colours tonight. These are the pics I took with my little digital camera – methinks it’s time for an uprade.

8:12 PM
8:36 PM
9:10 PM
9:43 PM
9:44 PM
9:45 PM
9:46 PM
10:38 PM
10:39 PM

2 responses to “Blood Moon Rising

  1. Oooh – you got good pcitures of the colours 😀 I remember as a kid watching the entire 4 hour progression of a Blood Moon Eclipse – this time i just checked out the red moon at 8ish while i walked around circular quay to my dance class.

  2. Breathtaking photos!! Thanks for sharing!! 

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