Swans Redkite Big Game 2007

I spent today raising funds for Redkite and watching the Swannies spank the Blues.

Redkite is an Australian charity that I have been supporting since I joined my company in 2004. Founded in 1983, Redkite supports children and their families through cancer by providing emotional guidance, financial assistance and educational services. For the past 3 years, I have faithfully attended the Swans Big Game to raise funds for Redkite.

Sydney Swans have been supporting Redkite for over 7 years, and one of their initiatives is to donate the proceeds of one game day to the charity. A celebrity match is held before the main game, and this year, the main game saw the Swans take on the hapless Carlton Blues.

This year, I roped in a small group of intrepid colleagues and their loved ones (and a very tired Emily) to help Redkite raise funds by selling raffle tickets. It was an early start for a cold Sunday – we were required at the Sydney Cricket Ground by 10.30am for a volunteer briefing from the Redkite officials. At least the weather was gorgeous – so warm and toasty in the sun. Once the briefing was completed, we strolled through the grounds in search of philanthropic Swans (and Blues) supporters. It took some time for Emily and me to decide on the best spot to stand and sell tickets, and after much deliberation, we took up position at the entrance of the MA Noble Stand.

But not before a very amused Jared Crouch pointedly laughed at me as he strolled past. Not that anyone should blame him – I looked like a red crayon threw up all over me – I was wearing a red Redkite cap, my Swans scarf and my big red coat, carrying a giant inflatable red hand. Noice, very noice indeed.

It was a very slow start, but once we got going, there was a steady stream of charitable football fans lining up for tickets and big red plastic hands. The deal was $5 per ticket, or 3 for $10 and we threw in an inflatable red hand. It was amazing how many people bought the tickets to get the plastic hand.

We didn’t see much of the game in the first half as we were busy selling raffle tickets, and with our duties officially over at the start of the third quarter, we headed to some seats to take in some action. By this point, the Swans were streaking ahead on the scoreboard, leaving a stunned Blues team in their wake. Spida Everett was on fire, kicking 2 quick goals in succession in the third quarter, much to our delight. The Swans played well, and the Blues had no answers. The final score said it all – 166 to 100. Cheer, cheer the Red and the White!

The final tally for Redkite was in the order of $14,600 – a huge effort for all involved. I for one am feeling all warm and fuzzy that I’ve helped to achieve that amount!

Plenty of photos were taken – and some pretty good action shots too. Gotta love the Swans!


2 responses to “Swans Redkite Big Game 2007

  1. Oooh – you charity worker you!

  2. Oh, I have so many funny stories to tell you!
    My team mate said a number of things (admittedly in jest) that were reminiscent of your previous experiences with charity workers who accosted you in shopping centres – and stopped saying those things when I all but threatened to walk away from her if she continued to say those things!
    Twas a good day – but not so good with the flu that has now become bronchitis.

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