A Lovely Weekend

My weekend kicked off to a great start, even if the good weather didn’t want to be any part of it.

My lovely colleague Margaret gave me these gorgeous orchids as a farewell gift yesterday afternoon.

Today, I decided to take a little trip to Macquarie Centre for a rainy day shopping expedition. Besides finding (and buying) the perfect purse, I also bought these:

Purple Ugg Boots

Take 2 without the flash

U2 CD, Smackers Jellies, Jeffrey Archer novel

I needed a pair of ugg boots and Big W had some on sale – and they were purple! Perfect winter homebody boots for me!

I had been looking for some new lip glosses for winter and these Smackers Jellies are just what the doctor ordered.

The U2 CD and the Jeffrey Archer novel were both on sale, and I just couldn’t walk away from a bargain.

It’s been a lovely weekend so far, even if the whole city is a bit soggy. I’m off to cook a huge pot of veggie soup and get ready for Iron Chef!


7 responses to “A Lovely Weekend

  1. Last nights Iron Chef was a good one!!! 😀

  2. I know!!  And I was wishing that I actually liked pears so I could try and reproduce what the Iron Chef cooked!

  3. I reckon you could do it with Apples??? It would need to be a harder fruit i think.
    And… How did the first day go away from the bank that is red and doubleyou-like???

  4. My head hurts – spinning from so much information – I have never worked in nuclear medicine before and will soon become a world expert … need to go home …
    Hope your day improved and the hammering has stopped!!

  5. The hammering continued when i got home from the bosses… I updated what happened 😉
    Woot for Nuclear Medicine 😉

  6. I have something for you – well a link anyway. Dont let the Supre part of it scare you – but i think it is perfect for you!

  7. Ahahahahahahaha!!!
    You have no idea how close I came to buying that shirt …

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