Show Me The Money!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve blogged about work. My last entry was made 2 days before a "face off" with my managers over beers.

So my managers and I met and had a chat. I’d already decided on a couple of things before going into the meeting:

* After thoroughly thinking through my options, I finally realised that I needed to bide more time with my current company in order to gain more skills and a wider network before I can safely venture out into the big wide unknown, hoping to score a better job with better pay with another organisation.

* After a lengthy chat with a colleague, it was brought to my attention that it’s really not so bad to be given a new title that no one else has – I can just bullshit my way through what a Project Officer actually does. Until such point as my managers set up a proper job description and provide me with performance evaluation criteria, I’m quite happy to give anyone who asks my version of what I am suppose to be doing.

I was given very high-level overviews on 2 projects that I have been put forward for. I have since had a meeting with the Senior Project Manager on both projects and now have a much better view of what role I am to play in the projects. They are both very interesting and challenging – much more so than what I’ve been doing for the past 13 months. I’m sad but happy at the same time that I won’t be building and refurbishing any more banks, and really excited about working on these new projects – neither of which I can talk about. I love playing with classified information!

At the meeting, I was told that if I performed well on the new projects, the chances of being promoted to Assistant Project Manager with a pay rise increase dramatically. Performance reviews are scheduled to take place in the next few months, which is almost perfect timing as far as the new projects are concerned. If I shine and prove to be competent and capable with these projects, there should be no issues with my managers giving me the "full" promotion to APM and the associated pay rise.

In the end, I accepted my "half" promotion in title only (i.e. the faux promotion to Project Officer with no pay rise), and vowed to myself that I would do a good job and work hard over the next few months.

So I had to shake my head and chuckle when I found out today that I have been put forward into both projects as – wait for it – an Assistant Project Manager.

I am so over it.


4 responses to “Show Me The Money!

  1. Many hugs!! And todays the day the teddy bears have their picnic! 😀

  2. You rock Danie!!  Thank for the link.  Definitely interested – looks like the exact thing I need to get better in my career.  I\’ll have another look at it over the weekend and fix up my CV for submission.
    Thanks and hugs!

  3. Ooh ooh – 11 minutes to go!

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