Sucking It Up

I have resigned myself to make the most of my current work situation – at least until the beginning of July, which is the end of the period of undertaking I had naively given to my new General Manager at the beginning of May regarding me looking for a new job. So, in the meantime, I’m actually going to attempt to work most of the day, and visit Blogthings every hour on the hour as a reward of sorts.

So far today, I’ve found out what my Japanese Smiley is, and what my name means.

Ahhh … the joys of a McJob …

What Gloria Lai Chu Chan Means

G is for Gorgeous & Glitzy
L is for Loving & Lively
O is for Orderly & Optimistic
R is for Radiant & Refreshing
I is for Innocent & Industrious
A is for Alert & Alluring

L is for Luscious
A is for Arty
I is for Ideal

C is for Chic
H is for Humorous
U is for Upbeat

C is for Captivating & Charismatic
H is for Happy & Hyper
A is for Ambitious & Animated
N is for Natural & Nice


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