US Legal System – Completely Berserk

As a follow up to my blog on the silly judge who wanted to award nearly AU$250,000 to a woman who blamed RailCorp for her unfortunate sexual assault which in no way was the responsibility of RailCorp, the below link takes you to a story my friend Danie found on the website.

Only in America: the land of the free, the home of the brave. This case just goes to show what a stinking little coward some silly local court judge is, and how much he is taking the US legal system for a ride. The brave and noble thing for Judge Roy would have been to pick up his once-lost now-found pants from the cleaners and walk away. He had experienced previous argy bargy with the cleaners, so after the latest incident, it would have been a given for Judge Roy to never use their services again.

Furthermore, he should have accepted one of three offers of settlement – all monetary, all well in excess of the cost of the pants. Any of the offers of settlement would have netted him some more pants, and something from nothing is always a good deal.

Instead, armed with his extensive knowledge of the law, so nonsensical is Judge Roy in his pursuit of US$65 million in damages from the Chungs that not one person is now sympathising with the poor pantless judge. So boarish is his behaviour that the Chungs are considering leaving the US and returning to their hometown of Seoul to escape the heavy handed tactics. And so bullish is Judge Roy that he is making an absolute mockery of the US legal system and an ass of himself.

Even his own kind are asking whether Judge Roy is fit to remain a judge – is there any wonder there are so many jokes about the legal profession??


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