Crafty Lil Ol’ Me

I have been inspired to do something crafty to fill up my time, now that I’m playing the nanna game and choosing nights in instead of big nights out. My inspiration came in the form of my friend Danie’s recent foray into knitting – or should that be "re-entry" into that realm?

Over the weekend, I paid a visit to the factory outlets at Birkenhead Point and dropped into Spotlight for a browse. At the back of the store was an entire wall of crafty projects, and I spent the better part of an hour looking at all the lovely Counted Cross Stitch Kits before deciding on four designs that were on sale at 50% off. I also bought a plastic hoop to aid my projects and went home a happy lass.

Tonight, with not much on telly, the hard part was to choose which pattern to start. After carefully examining my purchases for 20 minutes, I finally settled on Sunflower Bear, and below are my results after an hour’s work.

The Full Kit

What it SHOULD look like vs. What it DOES look like

The Pattern – Help!!

To put the whole thing into perspective, the finished product should stand at 23cm x 27cm, meaning the picture should fill most of Aida inside the hoop. I’ve thus far completed the cross stitching that spans 4.5cm x 5cm – sparse stitching, but it’s a slow work in progress.

This should definitely keep me busy and out of trouble for a while!


One response to “Crafty Lil Ol’ Me

  1. Ooooh – i have a very unfinished and very wonky looking duck crossstitch somewhere from when i was about 13…
    The scarf is very sad at the moment, it hasnt been touched in a weekish.

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