Brazil, Here I Come!

The Brazilian government finally saw fit to grant me a visa yesterday (Friday), so I will be leaving on Sunday for my Brazilian odyssey.

Nothing like the 11th hour though – at 11.30am on Friday morning, I was informed that all was in place and I will finally be able to get on the plane and legally travel around São Paulo and Ilha Bela.

It took another 3 hours after that phone call for my passport to arrive, but even this wasn’t without hassles.

The passport arrived – sure enough – but where was my booklet confirming my vaccinations? It was still with my idiot travel agents, who did not submit the booklet with my passport in my visa application process.

3 more phone calls, another 30 minutes of high levels of stress and plenty of convincing that they had the booklet, my travel agents finally located my little yellow book (which basically cost me $400 – if nothing else, I wanted the booklet as a memento) and promised to deliver the booklet to my home.

Now all I have to do is pack, and remember to bring all my pieces of paper with me!


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