The Shortest Week in 2007 – Part 2

I’m alive – but only just.

Last week was too hectic to try again this year. But I must admit I did enjoy all of it and some might even say I thrived in it.

Thomas successfully arrived in Australia on Tuesday, and we successfully completed his enrolment at Macquarie University. Before I left him to be the Lord of the Manor two days after his arrival, I tried to show him as much as possible – where to catch the bus to uni, where all the shops were, etc. As much as I shouldn’t have worried about him, the maternal instincts kicked in and I wrote out step by step instructions for everything. Yes, yes, he’s a big boy, and he did manage to find his own way between uni and home, locate all of his classrooms at uni, feed himself, make new friends and even have a night out with his new friends.

We had a lovely meal at the Tav on Wednesday night, where I introduced him to the $7 steak. Just as we were sitting down to our first beer, I felt a tap on my shoulder – Staffy was at the pub as well. He was playing pool with a young and very drunk fella, and after the obligatory introductions, he left me and Thomas to chat. A few beers later, we left to get some shut eye and more importantly, I needed to pack for my 3-day company conference. We ran into Staffy again as we were leaving – he had left to go home for a smoko and was headed back to the pub for more pool. Thomas and I stopped to have a chat – Staffy had found a place to live and was moving out on the weekend, and he’d also found a new job as the head chef at the Greenwood Tavern in North Sydney. I was glad to hear things were finally working out for him, and am now not expecting to hear from him again – until the next time.

Packing was quite funny on Wednesday night after a few beers, and so it was at 6.30am Thursday morning that I found myself seriously reconsidering what I’d put in my bag. In the end, I just added my toiletries and PJs and headed out the door. A big hug for Thomas and I was off to meet up with a few of my colleagues to head up to Leura from North Sydney.

The company Conference was absolutely full on – I’ll talk about that later. Let’s just say between Wednesday morning and Saturday afternoon, a total of 9 hours sleep was had.

Driving home on Saturday with my new best friend Crooky, I was hit by a second wind which carried me through until midnight on Saturday night. Just as well, as I was able to enjoy Lissy and David’s engagement party and the drinks at the Mean Fiddler after the party.

My sleep-in on Sunday was well deserved and much needed, but by midday, my body was ready for some more action. Thomas was introduced to Westfield Chatswood, and we shopped for groceries before I got ready for Michael and Lara’s wedding. The wedding will make up another blog at a later date – but for now, Lara looked divine and Michael looked dashing, and it was a lot of fun. I got home at midnight and was deliriously happy to finally fall into a bed for the next 6 hours.

I’m grateful I survived the week – but please, no more weeks like that again for the rest of this year!


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