Thomas, My Billy Bob

My gorgeous friend Thomas called me from Sweden today and confirmed his arrival details.

This is the phone call I’ve been waiting for. For months, Thomas and I have been in email contact in the lead up to his relocation to Sydney to start his Masters degree at my alma mater, Macquarie University. And in just over a week, Thomas will be here!

Thomas and I met through a mutual pal, my darling friend Andreas at the end of 2004 when I flew to Sweden to visit him. Andreas and I have been friends for a number of years, having met when he attended Macquarie Uni for one semester on an exchange program. We became firm friends through our shared interest in soccer – Andreas is a star keeper and I was the president of the club. We stayed in touch when Andreas went home, and after many years of threatening to visit him, I finally organised a trip and spent a glorious week with Andreas in Stockholm.

Ever the gracious host, Andreas arranged a few nights out with his friends while I was there, and on one of these nights, I met Thomas. Andreas and Thomas have known each other since they were very young, often battling for the keeper position on the same soccer teams. I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but I do remember teasing Thomas about the accent he picked up from the States, where he had spent quite some time studying on a soccer scholarship. I called him Billy Bob, and in turn, he called me Peggy Sue, and this became our little joke.

Later, I was invited to a huge NYE party, where many of Andreas’ friends, including Thomas were dressed to the nines and ready to party. I flew home the next day, having enjoyed a wonderful holiday with lots of lovely memories of my time with Andreas in Stockholm.

I hadn’t expected to hear from Andreas’ friends again, so it was a lovely surprise when I heard from Thomas last year. Thomas announced he was applying to study his Masters degree at Macquarie University (having heard so many terrific things about the uni from Andreas and after conducting extensive research on the degree he wanted to undertake) and he needed some guidance in applying for a scholarship. I tried my very best to steer him in the right direction, and talked to many associates and hoped Thomas would be able to obtain the financial assistance required to fulfil his dream to study at Macquarie.

Sadly, the people with the dollars did not see fit to award Thomas the scholarships he needed, but he still managed to find a way to come. In the meantime, I offered to house him until he finds more suitable accommodation, which Thomas has naively accepted. I say “naively” as Thomas has no idea how messy I can be, or how cramped my little apartment can feel – and today, when Thomas called, I warned him that the conditions may not be the most optimal. I just hope he’ll be comfortable for the time being.

Hearing Thomas’ voice today made it all very real. I’ve been excitedly waiting for the day when I’ll be standing at the gates, waving a sign and waiting for his arrival. In just over a week, Thomas will be arriving to start a new and exciting adventure. I can’t wait to see him!


2 responses to “Thomas, My Billy Bob

  1. I say he accepted the accommodation offer naively because we all know Gee has a weakness for cute men with bad accents!  CLEAN YOUR APARTMENT GEE!

  2. The works are taking place this weekend, I swear!  Running out of time … running out of time quickly!

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