Good Friends, Great Mates

I’m so blessed with the good friends I have.

After yet another dismal and disastrous attempt at dating, my friends rallied around me in a number of ways that made me realise (and not for the first time) just how lucky I am.

Dumped by email yesterday, I forwarded the contents of the missive to my mates. Emily, who always speaks her mind, instantly fired a response that started with “F*ck and balls”, and which ended with “Fancy a beer later?” Rachael, a work friend wrote back with reassuring words telling me that it was his loss and that I deserved better. Another mate, Suz called to tell me to go home (at 4.30pm) because I didn’t need to deal with work right now. Jen, another work friend, quietly spread the word amongst my team so that no one would mention the name of the email writer.

In their special ways, each made me feel better. With my ego a bit bruised and battered, everyone wanted a pound of flesh.

* Emily wanted me to post the contents of the email on my blog, but I’m just not into dissing him this way (mainly because I can’t remember whether I’d sent him the URL). And anyway, I’m through dissing exes, or people that may be referred to as exes – I’ve learnt my lesson after an incident about 2 years ago – but that’s another story.

* Rachael kept reassuring me that there were plenty more fish out there, and reminded me that 2007 is “the year” – the only way is up for the both of us.

* Suz made plans with me to have lunch with her this weekend, so I could bitch and moan as much as I wanted to over some sushi.

* Knowing I was a bit fragile, Jen kept smiling at me and thanking me for every little thing I did for her.

I caught up with Emily for a beer after work, and she let me have the floor. I didn’t have much to say – really, I’d been a bit silly putting all of my eggs in the same basket with the email writer. I’d become too attached based on nothing. Emily reminded me that he was the one who did the chasing early, but, as the saying goes and definitely in my opinion, be careful what you wish for, because I’m certainly not what he had in mind when he finally caught me.

Today, I had two very lovely surprises. The first was finding the most unlikely ally in a lovely young man called Alex. Alex is my barista who had become a friend over the course of the last few months. He saw that I was not my usual self, and asked if everything was ok. As my brain did not deal with the ego blow last night (I chose to watch “24” instead), it chose to try the dealing thing as I was waiting for my coffee. Ever the gentleman, Alex asked if there was anything he could do, even offering to go and have a chat with “him” for me – and before you jump to any conclusions, I didn’t even mention the fact I’d been dumped by email.

The second surprise came in the form of a page from the reception desk at work. The pager had a tone of urgency to his voice, announcing I had a parcel waiting in the lobby which required my urgent attention. Thinking it was my watch being returned by the email writer, I hurried downstairs, to be presented with the most fantastic bouquet of chocolate-dipped strawberries from Edible Blooms. The silly wench Emily had quietly organised my sweet surprise on the sly, and included some wise words on the card – All Men Are Bastards.

Thank you, friends. Words can’t express how much I love you or how lucky I am to have you. I just hope I tell you often enough how much you mean to me.


3 responses to “Good Friends, Great Mates

  1. I am going to presume this is the same Em I had the unfortunate pleasure of coaching for a brief period  :-p  What a champ she has been, by the sounds of it.

  2. You would be correct, Daniel!  She is a champ, my lil Em.  Bless her cotton socks!

  3. I\’m famous!! Love your work Gee

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