The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

I was out having dinner with my family tonight, and overheard my brother-in-law asking my sister if she had set their VCR for a TV show. I was surprised to hear the urgency in his voice as he asked the question – this is not a man who is usually that desperate to watch TV – so I asked which show had taken his fancy. A cheeky smile then spread over Tim’s face, as he sheepishly looked at his wife, who rolled her eyes as she said the name of the show – The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

So, out of interest, after I got home, instead of turning on the TV to watch the tennis or the cricket, I tuned in to The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And to be honest, I enjoyed it!

So much hair and legs in one hour – and absolutely gorgeous lingerie. And it certainly helped that Justin Timberlake performed twice in that hour – the boy can move!

I certainly had a few moments of envy while I was watching the show – the usual “I wish I had legs half that long” or “I wish that even in my dreams my body could look like that”. The big moment of envy came when one of the models strutted out onto the catwalk in the showstopper – the $6m diamond encrusted bra – geez, I wish, for 5 minutes, I could squeeze into that bra and strut around my living room like I owned it.

The collection was gorgeous, and trust me, if someone was to give me some Victoria’s Secret lingerie, I’m certainly not about to say no!


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