Surfboat Racing @ Manly Beach

Len invited Emily, Megan and me down to Manly Beach to watch him and his Bronte boys compete in surfboat racing on Saturday 6 January. The perfect beach weather made the early morning rise out of bed less painful, and once at Manly, the very gorgeous, buff bodies of all the competitors made the day very worthwhile.

I haven’t been back to Manly for quite some time – in fact, it had been almost 7 months since I was last in Manly. I had almost forgotten how gorgeous the north end of Manly Beach and Queenscliff Beach are on a clear and bright day.

By the time we got to the beach, the Bronte crew had already raced once. We stayed to watch Len and his boys race twice, the second of these races netted the boys a 2nd place in a thrilling finish!

The time spent at the beach was perfect – the sun was not too hot and there was a gentle breeze. Emily packed the girls gourmet lunch rolls which were real treats. When I eventually waded in, th water was refreshingly cool. All of us managed to get a bit more colour from the sun, which can’t hurt!  With camera in tow, I was able to take some gorgeous photos of the beach, as well as plenty of action shots of the surfboat racing and other surf lifesaving competitions.

We left the beach shortly after Bronte’s 2nd place finish – a perfect beach day with great company and fantastic views, in every way!


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