Blast From The Past – Part 2

An update on the Blasts from the Past:

Happy Chappy (aka LC)

Surprisingly, I did receive a text message from LC. Even more surprisingly, I agreed to meet him for a coffee. And wound up realising why we lost touch in the first place.

LC was just as I remembered him – a little bulkier, but still the same cheeky grin. We caught up on the lost years – I told him about my life, and in return, he told me about his search for the perfect job (which has seen him jump from job to job), his sister SC had indeed got married, and he was still dating the same girl. We were basically done in 15 minutes.

Just before we left the café, I had to find out the real reason for my excommunication by SC. Turns out I was right – SC found out about the relationship that had developed between LC and me, and blamed me “for instigating the relationship and for relentlessly pursuing LC until he gave into my demands”. Last I checked, LC actually did the chasing, and I fought him off for years before I relented. The icing on the cake, though, was hearing from LC personally that he did not, ever, not even once, defend me, nor admit that the relationship was just as much his “fault” as it was mine.

I have now erased all of his details from my records, and have resolved to never willingly subject myself to any further contact from him again.


Staffy texted me 2 weeks ago. I will not know for a long time what he actually wanted to say to me that day, as he has become incommunicado again. I just hope he’s ok.

The Airhead (aka KW)

KW’s birthday party was almost 4 weeks ago, an event that I did not attend. In my defence, I was indisposed that weekend, after taking an unscheduled trip to the hospital and spending the entire weekend residing in one of the finer suites.

I hope she had a great time at her party. She’s no longer speaking to me. I had achieved the desired effect.


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