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Who Am I?

I was born in December 1972 in Hong Kong to an accountant and a high school teacher. The eldest child, I was soon blessed with 2 younger sisters – one in 1973 and the other in 1976. My first 10 years were spent in Hong Kong, surrounded by loving grandparents, a thousand uncles and aunts and a million cousins. In 1983, my father was offered a business opportunity in Sydney, Australia and my family and I immigrated on 3 March, eventually settling in North Epping, a leafy northern suburb of Sydney.

I attended North Epping Public School, where I quickly learnt to speak English and adapted to the Australian way of life. By the time I entered Cheltenham Girls High School in 1985, I had academically surpassed my classmates from primary school, and was rewarded by being one of only 2 girls from my Year 6 class to be placed in the advanced group in Year 7.

In 1990, I graduated from high school with respectable results, but did not enter University straight away. Instead, I worked and studied at TAFE and gained valuable practical and life experiences, which included a short stint in a share house with part time drug dealers and full time scumbags. I worked in a variety of industries, including sports, property, retail, law, finance, education, advertising, marketing, public relations, media, hospitality, entertainment, the Government and the Public Sector.

After 8 years in the workforce, I commenced a Bachelor of Arts degree at Macquarie University in 1999. To maintain a positive bank balance, I combined a full time study load with at least 40 hours of work per week. During the 4 years I took to graduate with a double major in Business Law and Media Studies, I also became heavily involved with the Macquarie University Sports Association (now known as Macquarie University Sport & Recreation). This involvement saw my election to Club President of the Macquarie University Soccer Club for 3 consecutive terms (2000, 2001 and 2002). Between 1999 and 2004, I was also a University representative for Women’s Soccer at a total of 11 regional and national University Games, 8 as a player/manager and 3 as competition convenor, collecting a swag a medals (including 2 gold) along the way.

My voluntary contributions to sports at Macquarie University were recognised in 2002 when I was named the Sports Administrator of the Year. In 2005, I was garnered with an Honorary Life Membership, further recognising my contributions throughout the years.

On 23 April 2003, my proud parents were finally able add to their mantelpiece a photo of me in my graduation gown and black trencher, flanked by my sisters who were veterans of graduation ceremonies.

Since November 2004, I have been happily working for a project management company in North Sydney, mentored by a renowned expert in Business Project Management. After 14 years, this was the job I had dreamt of and longed for.

In June 2003, one of my sisters produced a beautiful little girl who I adore, and on Australia Day 2006, my other sister added a gorgeous nephew to the mix. Only 2 days ago, my niece’s mother announced she is pregnant again, with the new bundle of joy expected to arrive in time for Christmas 2006.

My first name begins with G and is also the name of popular songs by famed artists including U2, Van Morrison and the late Laura Brannigan.

Who am I?


First Entry – Welcome to Blogging

Welcome to The Gee Spot!

Until recently, I never thought I had a need to have a virtual space to share my thoughts. It wasn’t until I reviewed my list of contacts that I realised how many friends and family members I have all over the world, and how lazy I have been with writing to each and every one of them!

Having done the review, I thought an investigation into a personal page was warranted. Just as well then that I have so many different free webmail addresses!

So, here it is – my space – where I intend to contemplate, deliberate, ruminate, cogitate, examinate and debate the facts of life according to Gee. Stay tuned!